domenica 14 gennaio 2018

Tree ways to use drones

We are living in the 21st century; where vlogs and blogs are rampant and popular. The trend of recording yourself for the entire world to see or even just your family or friends is also a rampant sensation these days. There are several ways in which one can record their everyday life. 

Whether it be writing about your daily life or even just recording a video of yourself is also a popular way to tell others about your life. And the best part about it all is that you do not even need fancy equipment or expensive cameras.
The main three ways in which people record themselves are described below:

This is a particularly popular way to document your life and your day. It is an old way to record your daily life, however still very popular. The most popular of these blogs get millions of views each day. Your blog can be about anything; from food to travelogues to movie reviews.
The most popular blogs are of current affairs where people are constantly commenting on the state of the world and their country, city or state. Some people like to document their lives daily like a diary or journal. It is the most popular because blogs are inexpensive to run and are easy to manage.

This is another widely popular way to record yourself and the happenings around you.  People usually record their wedding days and put them as vlogs online on popular video streaming websites; mainly Youtube or dailymotion. Some vloggers use video drone to hover the device over the entire marriage hall, banquet hall or church. This gives a nice bird’s eye’s view of the entire event which makes it look professional and beautiful. The video drones can also be used to capture entire cityscapes and forests. 

This is a great tool for recording yourself as you can even go skiing, parasailing or any other activity. The vlogs make up for a majority of videos online as people are constantly recording themselves and talking about various subjects, whether it is music, film, travel, food or current affairs. Some enjoy making funny videos and putting them online to entertain an audience. 

This is one of the more unpopular or forgotten ways to record yourself. Back when computers and TVs were not invented, people used to turn to the radio for entertainment and pass their time. Being an old and unpopular way to record your life and the events happening around you, podcasting is also an easy and inexpensive way to record yourself as it only requires a microphone and you can talk about almost anything.

From sports, movies, food and travel stories. It is still popular in several places and a lot of people still use podcasting as a way to get messages across to those places where computers, TVs or any other source of videos are unavailable. It may have become an old way however it has still proven itself to be effective. 


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