giovedì 25 maggio 2017


Good morning girls,
Have you already thought about the swimsuit to wear this summer?
Today I show you three beautiful models, which you will find on the ZAFUL website, from floral and stripe fantasies perfect to be at the top of the beach with white floral bikini and white bathing suit.
The first is fantasy striped in black and white with laces clinging behind the neck for a retro style of great fashion this season, the second is a deep costume and a 1950s style with white background and print Flowers. 
Finally the third has a black slip with side laces and a white bra with black palms ... really chic!
I love all items from Zaful because they have beautiful things with very lowcost price and tihi is very important for us... fashion victim!
And what kind of swimsuit do you prefer?

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